ClearProg 1.6

ClearProg removes the surf-tracks of any used browser or installed programs
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At the office, I prefer to keep my Internet and Windows activity private, as I'm not the only user working on that PC. In order to that, I use ClearProg, a small application that batch removes the surf-tracks of any used browser or installed programs I usually work with.

I'm not saying it's the best there is, it still lacks several configurations, like Google Chrome or other video player entries, "None" and "All" selections for each browser, etc. Also, I can't figure out the purpose of Reset Folder function, as nothing happens when I select it.

I see this program as a time-saving solution when clearing browser history, especially when using more than one on a daily basis; this way, I don't have to manually delete cache, history or typed URLs for each browser.

This application will also help you delete the history for all performed searches, "Last Used" documents, open/save filelist, clipboard and many other. I found ClearProg pretty useful and efficient, despite the mentioned disadvantages, but I wouldn't recommend it to advanced users.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Works very fast
  • Works with auto functions (check Reference menu)
  • You can clear any selected folder


  • Lacks "None" and "All" selections for any type of entry
  • Google Chrome entry is missing
  • Unable to add/remove filters for own folders
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